Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership Training

Team members who are operationally brilliant, don’t always possess the necessary leadership skills to be a successful manager.

That’s where we come in.

One-day Management and Leadership Course

Our one day Management and Leadership course uses a mixture of teaching and learning beside group activities, and gives participants the opportunity to reflect on their experience and learn how to be more effective in their roles.

The course includes: looking at common leadership theories and the difference between leadership and management; how to build rapport with team members; being assertive; branding and marketing; management of the customer journey; and effective communication and effective planning. Delegates are given case studies to evaluate and resolve before presenting their findings back to the group.

Each course has a maximum group size of fifteen. This means everyone is given the opportunity to present to the group and participate in group activities.

Outstanding results

Each course is tailored to your organisation and focuses on any particular needs you have. We’re happy to visit you beforehand to conduct a training needs analysis, so we can understand how to provide the best value for you and your business.

The course has been incredibly popular and has developed over the years, with organisations we’ve worked reporting notable changes in their businesses as a result of their managers attending the course. Delegates tell us that they felt more confident and better-equipped to face the challenges that come with being a new manager.

“Very useful training course, I’ve learned a lot of new things that I can take into my job
– thanks a lot”

“The course was really interesting, I learned a lot,
I gained a lot of information and knowledge,
I learned how to build rapport and delegate tasks to the staff”

“I will definitely be taking some of the points learned in the course and implementing them at work.
Progressing further in my role is important and I feel that I now have the tools to do so.
I am excited to try out the techniques that I learnt today and seeing how the knowledge unfolds”

“I found the flow charts and diagrams very useful as tools to
analyse situations that may arise, and what to prioritise”

“Everything was very informative, detailed enough and easy to understand”

“Overall great experience, where we had the opportunity to face real situations.
Role play helpful, simulating scenarios and criticise the strength and weakness of the actions.
Creating a nice atmosphere leaving space for fun and knowledge together”

“Very attentive listener. Allowed everyone to speak at times even if we were over the time.
Course material short and precise to the point. Very refreshing and enjoyable”

“Really interesting to analyse how managers have to behave, which situations can come up and how to solve them.
Interpersonal relationships at the base of the training were very integrated and crucial”

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