Posted by Colin Ransom on 26 Mar 2014

So I was recently contacted by another restaurant chain that wants help with marketing. In preparation for my meeting with them, I’ve been thinking about what the most effective marketing tools and ideas are at the moment. I came up with these so far:

  • Do not be afraid: of success, of failure, but more importantly, your target market. Fear is the killer of creativity and success.
  • Don’t scrimp on service. Train your staff and managers to deliver better guest experiences by offering proper training and proper coaching. Is your current HR team able to do this? If not, contact us!
  • Add value to the overall guest experience rather than addressing the price. Guests don’t necessarily want lower prices, they want better value.
  • Reinvest in your people. Give your managers additional business and leadership training outside your existing, anti-creative, anti-innovative training programmes.
  • Review your existing “loyalty” schemes, which are nothing more than frequency schemes. And create REAL loyalty through actual guest engagement programmes.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA. Do you understand how to create content that that will make potential customers engage with your brand on Facebook/Twitter? If not, contact us!
  • Cause marketing works! Can your head honcho run a half marathon? For the Springboard charity? This is great exposure. Local papers LOVE this sort of thing.
  • Don’t baulk when things don’t go the way you expected. Have courage. Keep trying. You WILL eventually find something that works.
  • Get back to being restaurants instead of food businesses. Do you understand the difference? The main emphasis needs to be on providing exceptional food and service. This is the key driver of success in our industry.
  • Take time to create a thorough and comprehensive marketing strategy that will help you achieve the success you really want.
  • Ask for help. This will make you more successful than going it alone.

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