Being Self-motivated

Posted by Colin Ransom on 01 Sep 2014

Okay so being self-employed and running your own business most definitely has its benefits; I could make a list of dozens, but I won’t! ....

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Creating A Comfortable Dining Environment – A Few Random Thoughts

Posted by Colin Ransom on 12 Aug 2014

Okay I’m currently sitting (at time of writing) in a (casual) restaurant in York City Centre. I can see plenty of ways this already great place could become even greater. Here’s what I think they (and others) should do: ....

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Building Lunch Sales Using Linkedin

Posted by Colin Ransom on 14 Apr 2014

LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64 percent of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites. In contrast, Facebook accounts for 17 percent of such visits, while Twitter is just 14 percent. ....

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Building Guest Loyalty

Posted by Colin Ransom on 26 Mar 2014

So I was recently contacted by another restaurant chain that wants help with marketing. In preparation for my meeting with them, I’ve been thinking about what the most effective marketing tools and ideas are at the moment. I came up with these so far: ....

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All You Need Is Positivity

Posted by Colin Ransom on 11 Mar 2013

Facebook recently reached 1bn users. That’s pretty impressive, by anyone’s standards. For those who haven’t already, it’s seriously worth giving some thought to how Facebook could help you attract more customers. ....

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Are You Being Served?

Posted by Colin Ransom on 11 Mar 2013

I went to a local place in Leeds with an old friend for dinner – I arrived before him. I entered the restaurant and was met with one of those “Please wait here to be seated” signs – I personally don’t like these as I like to be greeted by a person, not a wooden sign. ....

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No Reservations

Posted by Colin Ransom on 18 Feb 2013

OK so I went to this new place (that shall remain anonymous) in Leeds on Saturday night. It’s been open a few months now and it’s fair to say it’s proved more than a hit with the locals. ....

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Stressed And Unable To Cope

Posted by Colin Ransom on 11 Feb 2013

I’d bet money on each and every one of us knowing exactly what this feels like. Nowadays, the stresses and demands of modern-day living can, on some occasions, seem too much for us to cope with.


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How To Prepare And Run An Effective Meeting Or Presentation

Posted by Colin Ransom on 21 Jan 2013

I’ve been reflecting on the meetings I’ve attended over the last couple of months, and what constitutes a useful and engaging meeting in which attendees are willing to participate and absorb the information that’s delivered. ....

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Happy New Year

Posted by Colin Ransom on 02 Jan 2013

I, for one, LOVE January. December and January seem to spark a lot of reflection and discussion in terms of future plans and aspirations, both personal and professional. ....

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Getting It Right

Posted by Colin Ransom - August 2015

As I was checking my emails last week, I stumbled on a blog about how small restaurants can increase business. I don’t read all the newsletters and blogs that are sent to me, but this one caught my eye. ....

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Seasonal Recruitment

Posted by Colin Ransom on 13 Nov 2012

At this time of year I’m always asked for advice on recruiting staff for the Christmas period. I’ve called this post Seasonal Recruitment rather than Christmas Recruitment, because for some of our clients, the summer holiday period is their peak trading time. ....

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Managing Stakeholder Relationships

Posted by Colin Ransom on 08 Nov 2012

Yesterday I attended a workshop on managing stakeholder relationships. A word that was bounded around a lot was the word ‘acceptance’, and how this fits into the context of our working lives and in particular, the hospitality industry. ....

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