We’re here to help you get things done.

Our job is to work with you to find the fastest and most cost-effective way to accomplish a task.

Getting you the results you want

Ransom Harris provides a number of consultancy services that deliver significant and sustainable results for you and your business.

We help you:

Train your managers to be excellent leaders

We deliver management and leadership training, both in-house and externally,  that’s tailored to the needs of the individual and your organisation’s objectives.

Manage business change with minimal disruption to your hospitality operations

A neutral party ensures the smooth running of what might otherwise be an awkward change from one of way of working to another. An unbiased, holistic approach means that change is managed fairly and with everyone’s needs taken into consideration.

Organise team cohesion and cross training initiatives

We run team building, mentoring and cross training initiatives. These help with team cohesion and the morale and motivation of your team and help to restore the sense of ownership that leads to higher productivity.

Provide mediation services to address workplace conflict

We’re all human and occasionally things can go wrong, especially where professional relationships are concerned. Professional mediation services help to break down personal barriers which ultimately leads to better business efficiency.

Put sales building strategies in place

So you’ve paid for advertising and you’ve figured out social media. But it’s also important to have exemplary customer service and product in order to encourage repeat business.

Formulate budgets to maximise your bottom line profit

Our business healthcheck looks at your operating costs to see where money can be saved or better allocated. A fresh pair of eyes can provide valuable insights into profit boosting ideas.

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